CLIENT : Iglo and Lutosa Belgium

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Iglo and Lutosa are brands of frozen food products in Belgium. Widely known in Belgium for the Captain Iglo since the 80s, the brand has diversified since then. That is why it is essential to let the people know what products are available that Iglo and Lutosa have needed our services.
Besides visibility, it was the image of frozen food that required work. Because in our time, it is common to see frozen food negatively opposed to fresh food.

The goal of the project is to increase brand awareness and web visibility through the amount of sessions* and organic print**. Concretely, the brands wanted to be an integrated part of the themes concerning them on search engines (fish sticks, spinach, fries, prepared dishes and more).

* A session is a period that starts when the user land on the website and it ends by default after 30 minutes of inactivity.
** An impression is a display of a page of the website in search engines results page.


1. Enrich with quality content.

Address all the questions around a theme and answer them. Because a web search is ultimately a question that the search engine will try to answer via web pages.

Example : spinach.
Products pages were not answering questions such as : how does it grow ? how to cook it ? what quantity for an adult ? What the nutrition elements does it contains ?

The content is continuously improving and the search engines have perceived it.

2. Correct technical errors.

All navigation errors must be resolved. There is a large amount of errors that can penalize a website with search engines.

Example: Href lang tag.
For someone inexperienced, href lang does not mean much. This tag tells which population the content is intended to. In Belgium, the aspect is essential as we have more than one official language. The tag will be critical to provide french content to french speaking users and dutch content to dutch speaking users.
In addition, if the french content is not also intended to people in France and Netherland for the dutch, the value of the tag will be different.

For Iglo and Lutosa, the websites are in french and dutch, but the brands also exist in France and Netherland and have their own websites. Therefore the values shall be :

Despite a very similar content, it has become rare to see and in the results of Belgian search engines. (, yahoo and more).

Due to 4 technical analysis per year we have a good view on the technical challenges that concerned many pages (several hundreds), we maintain the websites in good health.

It is essential to create new content to rank well on search engines, but more dynamic the website is, more technical challenge will appear. The two aspects are essential to any SEO project.


Thanks to our monthly content optimizations and creations, search engine positioning has improved every month for the past two years.

Organic traffic is up +60% since 2016 (Jan 2016 vs Dec 2018)


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